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workers attending a employee mental health and wellness workshop on zoom

Now, more than ever, a mentally healthy workplace matters regardless of whether employees work from home or in the office. Workplaces play an essential part in maintaining mental health and wellness for all workers.

Quadra Wellness offers expert-led corporate workshops, training programs, and consultation to support employee mental health and wellness. 

We’ve provided workshops to Later, Samsung Canada, QuadReal, British Columbia Securities Commission, and large organizations that want to help their employees feel, think and perform their best.

Whether it’s for a lunch and learn or part of a full-day program, our engaging and practical workshops are customizable to meet your organization’s needs. Help your team get the knowledge they need to feel, think, and perform their best.

Workshops are delivered to participants anywhere in the world via Zoom, or in person in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, following COVID-19 safety protocols.

Training and workshops for employee wellness

Stressed about sleep? Good sleep makes everything better, but is so elusive for many of us (nearly one in every three Canadian adults!). In this signature workshop, we’ll build an evidence-based toolkit of strategies to help you quiet your mind and learn how to get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. Controlled research trials demonstrate that the treatment of sleep problems improves work performance, reduces the risk of injuries at work, and eases symptoms of numerous conditions that can effect your quality of life, such as depression or anxiety. 

Participants will:

  • Learn why prioritizing healthy sleep is key for overall physical and mental health.
  • Learn about insomnia and the three key things that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Have an opportunity to complete a screening for potential sleep disorders and resources to address insomnia.

Work related stress and chaos can impact your overall mental wellness. Understanding mental health can be also difficult. Learning how to support someone who might be in a mental health crisis can be even more challenging. The goal of this workshop is to increase mental health knowledge while providing tools and skills to take care of your mind and respond effectively to others in a caring and respectful way.

Participants will:

  • Learn to better understand mental health and mental illness
  • Understand structural and social stigma as barriers to seeking help
  • Learn how to respond when concerned about a family member, friend or colleague

Have a hard time putting down your phone? Setting limits on checking email or social media? 

You’re not alone and recent studies show that overuse of technology and social media is related to anxiety, depression and overall psychological distress. Finding balance with our digital lives key in remaining in control of our devices and not other way around.

Participants will:

  • Explore the impact of digital stress in their own lives, and the causes (or “stressors”) on their mental and physical health 
  • Recognize how their relationship with technology can have real world impacts on their personal well being, including relationships, mental health, and physical health.
  • Learn practical strategies and develop a plan to help align their use of technology with their health and wellness goals.

What past clients say about working with Tony:

I had an incredible experience working with Tony on my sleep. I unlocked knowledge of my body rhythms that will benefit my quality of life for many years to come.
Tony was very knowledgeable and provided a welcoming and interactive environment for our employees. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a wellness talk for your company!
Jess, Later
Quadra Wellness came to do a sleep workshop for our members. I was lucky enough to attend and I learned SO much in a short time. Tony's passion and knowledge of the topic made the presentation interesting and interactive. Thank you so much for coming to our group!
RVN Wellness
Our employees found the session very helpful and we received excellent feedback. So much so that we had a few employees ask which other sessions you host in addition to the two we already did!
Security Compass

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