Better sleep starts here.

What type of support do you need?

Counselling Therapy

The challenges we tackle in counselling are never easy, but therapy can be a comfortable, positive, and transformative experience.

Online Sleep Course

Join my proven six week behavioral sleep coaching program and get back on the path to healthy, effortless sleep that help you feel your best.

Workplace Wellness

Mental health matters in the workplace. See how I can support your organization's efforts to help employees feel their best.

Meet Tony Ho, MSW, RSW

Over a Decade of Compassionate Expertise: I’ve dedicated more than ten years to community-based counselling and therapy, addressing complex mental health and day-to-day struggles that affect us all.


Specialized Focus on Insomnia with CBT-I: Struggling with sleep? We can unravel your insomnia together using evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) techniques. My approach is research-backed, strengths-focused, and profoundly hopeful. We’ll work together to help you get the rest you need to feel and think at your very best again.


Beyond Sleep: Building Stronger Relationships and Mental Wellness. In my practice, I’m committed to guiding you towards greater presence and engagement in your life, helping you build stronger connections with yourself and others. With a welcoming and LGBTQ+ friendly environment, we can work together to find relief and foster balanced well-being.


Sleep is the cornerstone of wellness. The science behind CBT-I has proven its effectiveness in treating insomnia, aligning well with mindfulness and ACT-I strategies. Your tailored therapy will include personalized exercises, insights into your sleep patterns, and ongoing support to help you reclaim your nights.

professional registration and affliations

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Frequently Asked Questions

The short is answer is maybe. While research shows that counselling in general can be great way to improve your well being, it’s not for everyone or may not be the right time. I offer a free consultation before starting any therapy for us to discuss your goals and can share my thoughts whether it’s a good time to start counselling.

While I draw on a number of evidence-based, therapeutic models, my general approach to counselling and therapy is integrative, collaborative, and focused on your strengths and goals. See my Areas of Practice page for more information.

A Registered Social Worker (RSW) is a regulated healthcare professional in British Columbia and Ontario. An RSW is a Registrant of the British Columbia College of Social Workers and Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers which requires certain educational requirements, ongoing professional development, and adherence to a Code of Ethics and defined Scope of Practice. 

Like Psychologists and Registered Clinical Counsellors, many Registered Social Workers provide psychotherapy and counselling services in public and private settings.

Please see my Fees page for more information.

I offer a reduced rate for currently enrolled post-secondary students. I also regularly maintain a resource list of reduced cost, sliding scale, and free counselling and therapy services in Vancouver, BC, the Lower Mainland, and Ontario. You can find the resources here:


List of free, low-cost counselling in British Columbia

List of free, low-cost counselling in Ontario

Please check with your plan administrator whether services provided by a Registered Social Worker (RSW) are covered. Not all Extended Health Benefit providers offer this coverage.

Any communication between us before, during, and after counselling is strictly confidential, unless there is an identified risk of harm to yourself, others, or I am required by a court of law to provide information. My practice is compliant with British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and the federal Personal Information and Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency or crisis, please reach out to a dedicated crisis line such as 988, attend the closest Hospital Emergency Department, or call 911.

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