The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Health

older man sleeping in man with high risk of sleep apnea due to age

Sleep is essential for our overall health and well-being. It allows our bodies to rest and recharge, repairing damage and preparing us for the day ahead. However, getting a good night’s sleep is a struggle for many people due to often undiagnosed sleep problems such as sleep apnea. This article […]

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Optimizing Your Sleep: Virtual Coaching and Therapy Services

photograph of a woman touching her face

Sleep is fundamental to good health, enhancing mental clarity and physical vitality. At Quadra Wellness, we offer customized sleep solutions worldwide, including sleep coaching, and provide virtual sleep therapy in British Columbia and Ontario. Understanding Sleep Coaching: Your Path to Better Sleep Globally accessible, sleep coaching at Quadra Wellness is […]

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Understanding the Side Effects of Sleeping Pills

Woman taking sleeping till

Are you struggling with insomnia and considering taking sleeping pills? While these medications can provide temporary relief, it’s important to understand their potential side effects and associated risks. In this article, we’ll explore the side effects of sleeping pills and alternative options for treating insomnia. What Are Sleeping Pills? Sleeping […]

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Sleep and Chronic Pain or “Painsomnia”

In the quest for better sleep, especially if you’re struggling with chronic pain, the journey can become nights filled with anxiety and frustration rather than rest. The more elusive sleep becomes, the more we crave it, inadvertently ramping up the pressure on ourselves to get it. This, paradoxically, makes sleep […]

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Why Light is So Crucial to Your Health

snow covered trees against sky

How does light shape your day and night? Sunlight, a seemingly simple element of our daily lives, holds an extraordinary power that significantly impacts our health and well-being. Associate Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, Aarti Jagannath, asserts, “Every aspect of how we function is controlled by […]

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Virtual Sleep Therapy Services in Ontario: Mastering Restful Sleep

photo of a woman sleeping near fluffy clouds

Better Sleep Starts Here If you’re struggling with sleep, you’re not alone! One in three Canadian adults report experiencing sleep problems multiple times a week, and for some, maintaining healthy sleep becomes a chronic challenge. You should know that non-drug approaches like therapy are considered the best first-line treatment for […]

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Free and low-cost counselling options in Ontario

crop unrecognizable man talking to female psychologist

This page contains a regularly updated resource list of free, low-cost, and sliding-scale options for counselling and therapy services in Ontario. I’ve included and noted the services requiring a referral from a primary care provider. Some private clinics and therapists offer reduced cost and/or sliding scale options. In these cases, […]

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Why Do We Jerk or Twitch When Falling Asleep?

man wearing green printed crew neck shirt while sleeping

Have you ever been almost asleep and suddenly felt a twitch or jerk? This unexpected muscle movement is called a hypnic jerk. It happens to many people as they are about to fall asleep. But what exactly causes these sudden movements? Let’s dive into understanding why these twitches happen as […]

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The ACE Method for Managing Anxiety and Insomnia

grey white clouds

It’s a deeply human experience to encounter times when we’re challenged with difficult and painful thoughts, emotions, sensations, urges, or memories. We all have these moments, but how we respond to these experiences often determines their duration and our level of suffering. Consider a situation that triggers challenging thoughts and […]

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